YouTube Premium subscription rises

YouTube Premium

Google has raised its YouTube Premium subscription service by $2. Following price hikes for the family shared YouTube Premium and YouTube TV, Google has announced that it will do the same for YouTube Premium for subscribers in the US. As posted on the company’s official website, the cost has been upped from $11.99 to $13.99 […]

Google AR Senior Director exits

Google AR

Google’s workforce took a significant hit with the exit of a Senior Director working in the AR and XR division. Mark Lucovsky confirmed via a tweet that he’s leaving Google and his role as Senior Director of Engineering. He said that the company’s ‘unstable commitment’ to the technology and leadership changes influenced the decision to […]

Google to launch ‘YouTube Playables’ game platform

YouTube Playables

YouTube users may soon be able to play mini games via mobile app or on a browser. The Wall Street Journal recently covered a memo sent to YouTube employees, saying that a platform called ‘Playables’ is in the testing phase. As per the email, Playables will give ‘access to games on mobile and desktop devices.’ […]

Google to introduce support for passkeys


Google has announced that it will start integrating passkeys for more secure logins on Google accounts. Passkeys were developed by the World Wide Web Consortium and the FIDO Alliance. The tech giant mentioned that they, Microsoft, and Apple will start working on supporting passkeys alongside FIDO Alliance for easier password management. Support for passkeys has […]

Wales and England shuts down NHS COVID-19 app

NHS COVID-19 app

The National Health Service in the UK has shut down its COVID-19 app as of Thursday in Wales and England. Users in the affected region will see a notification that the alerts are no longer functional. BBC News reports that the app will be completely removed from the App Store in May. At the height […]

Google updates Authenticator with passcode sync


The tech giant recently released a new update for its Google Authenticator app to sync between devices. The iOS and Android app stores and generates two-factor authentication codes, which adds a layer of security. The new sync password for devices is a relatively new feature that puts in the code in Google Account to improve […]

Apple and Google plead for better Kindle app content moderation

Kindle App

Reuters reports that Apple and Google have asked Amazon to improve its content screening after discovering sexually explicit images could be accessed by children. Amazon’s book-reading service has adult-oriented books with photos that are not appropriate for children. Concerned parents contacted Reuters to voice their thoughts after subscribing to Kindle Unlimited. Currently, the Unlimited version […]

YouTube TV prices to go up in April

YouTube TV

Google recently sent an email to YouTube TV subscribers about a price hike that will take effect in April. Monthly subscription rates for YouTube TV will go up from $64.99 to $72.99 and will take effect in the April billing. The last time the service had a price hike was in 2020 when the company […]

Google One subscribers can now access Magic Eraser on iOS Google photos

iOS Google Photos

Google One users will gain access to several new features via a Google Photos update. The iOS Google Photos app will soon have the Magic Eraser tool, new HDR effect on video, new collage styles, and free print order shipping to Google One members. It’s worth noting that the Eraser tool was only available on […]

Users report iOS 16.3.1 incompatibility with Google Photos

Google Photos

A number of Google Photos users are experiencing problems after updating their devices to iOS 16.3.1. The Google Photos app immediately crashes whenever it’s launched, rendering it useless for those that have updated to iOS 16.3.1. Google has not made any announcements to confirm the bug or if it’s coming up with a fix for […]

Google launches new features for macOS Chrome app

macOS Chrome App

Google has added several new features to its Chrome app for Mac, namely the Energy Saver and Memory Saver modes. Energy Saver, as the name suggests, will be activated once the Mac’s battery level is at 20 percent. Battery-draining tasks will be limited, including website visual effects and animations, and the computer’s background activities. As […]