Upgrade to Better Door and Window Security with Meross Products at 30% Off

Meross Smart WiFi Door & Window Sensor Detector Support Apple HomeKit

You can’t put a price on home security especially when it comes to peace of mind. Today, the Meross Smart HomeKit Wi-Fi Door and Window Sensor is down to just $22.35 from its original price of $33 on Amazon. Put in the coupon code 8NFXSINT and tick the on-page coupon to see the price change. […]

Automate Your Appliances and Devices with a Pair of Discounted Meross WiFi Dual Smart Outlets

Meross WiFi Dual Smart Outlet Supports Apple HomeKit

A smart plug is an easy way to add to your smart home. Today, the two-pack Meross WiFi Dual Smart Outlet is down to just $19.99 from its original price of $30 on Amazon. Just click or tap the on-page coupon for the discount. The dual smart plugs integrate nicely into your HomeKit ecosystem. It […]

Smartify Your Home with the Discounted Meross Dual Outlet HomeKit Smart Plug

HomeKit Smart Plug

Smart plugs that work with Apple HomeKit means you can automate and control essential appliances and electronics wirelessly. Today, the Meross Dual Outlet Smart Plug is down to just $11.99 from its original price of $17 on Amazon. Turning a wall outlet or extension is as easy as 1-2-3 with the Dual Smart Outlet. Each […]

The Ecobee HomeKit-Enabled SmartThermostat is Now Only $190

Ecobee HomeKit SmartThermostat

Ecobee is a household name when it comes to smart thermostats. Unlock the benefits and automation of having a smart thermostat at a discount- today, the is down to just $189.99 from its original price of $220 on Amazon. Save on costs and recoup the price of the smart thermostat for cooling and heating. The […]

New iOS 16.2 Home architecture recalled

iOS 16.2 Home Architecture

Apple has recently withdrawn its Home architecture in user update options following multiple bug reports. iOS 16.2 caused quite a headache for HomeKit users as they experienced multiple issues after updating to the latest architecture. As a result, Apple seemingly pulled the plug on the platform and disabled the option to do a Home Upgrade. […]

Apple publishes iOS 16.2 HomeKit troubleshooting guide

iOS 16.2 HomeKit

Apple today has uploaded a new support document telling users what they can do if their HomeKit is not working with iOS 16.2. On an iPad or iPhone running iOS 16.2, Apple says that users may not be able to accept an invitation or access a home within the Home app. In this case, it’s […]