HomePod Mini and 2nd-Generation HomePod now available in Denmark

HomePod Mini and 2nd-Generation HomePod

The second-generation HomePod and HomePod mini have arrived in Denmark after being released in Singapore. Apple is now selling the second-generation HomePod and HomePod mini in another region. The HomePod mini launched two years ago, starting in the US and gradually expanding to other regions. Other than being released with new color options last year, […]

Apple adds sound recognition feature to new HomePod and HomePod Mini

HomePod and HomePod Mini

TechCrunch today said that the latest HomePod and HomePod mini models will be able to detect if the carbon monoxide or smoke alarm goes off. Apple announced Sound Recognition along with the debut of the HomePod in January. However, it’s only now that the feature has been activated. According to the company, the HomePod mini […]

Apple raises the HomePod Mini’s price in select Europe regions


The HomePod mini’s price tag was raised in several parts of Europe following the announcement of a new HomePod model. iGeneration spotted and reported raises in countries Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Ireland, and Austria, where the price was originally €99. Now, the HomePod mini is €109. The change reflects the HomePod mini’s price in other […]

Apple HomePod mini Set to Arrive in Denmark as Early as Spring 2023

HomePod Mini

Apple’s HomePod mini smart speaker is gearing up for launch in Denmark and other Nordic countries this coming spring. The announcement comes after the company delayed the December 13 release of the device in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland. The HomePod mini was initially announced at Apple’s October 2020 event and released in select markets […]