Downgrading to iOS 16.2 no longer an option

iOS 16.2

Apple has stopped the signing of iOS 16.2 after the release of iOS 16.3 in January. The Cupertino-based company routinely deactivates older iOS versions for users to encourage them to keep their devices up to date. With this action, users that have updated to iOS 16.3 will no longer have the option to downgrade to […]

iOS 16.2 Home app upgrade moved to list of ‘Major Issues’

iOS 16.2 Home App

Apple’s recent Home architecture update has been moved to its ‘Major Issues’ internal list. iOS 16.2’s Home update included an update option for Home users for a ‘new and stable’ architecture. However, a number of users have reported broken setups, devices, and scenes after Apple’s recommendation. It was so widespread that Apple ultimately pulled the […]

iOS 16.2 adds optimization for Car Crash Detection

Car Crash Detection

Apple’s recent iOS 16.2 update adds optimizations to its Car Crash Detection feature. Amid false alarms involving rollercoaster rides, ski crashes, and vigorous physical activities, Apple has made a few changes to how Car Crash Detection triggers. However, it seems that the false calls keep continuing to 911 operators’ and dispatchers’ dismay. Car Crash Detection […]

New iOS 16.2 Home architecture recalled

iOS 16.2 Home Architecture

Apple has recently withdrawn its Home architecture in user update options following multiple bug reports. iOS 16.2 caused quite a headache for HomeKit users as they experienced multiple issues after updating to the latest architecture. As a result, Apple seemingly pulled the plug on the platform and disabled the option to do a Home Upgrade. […]

Apple publishes iOS 16.2 HomeKit troubleshooting guide

iOS 16.2 HomeKit

Apple today has uploaded a new support document telling users what they can do if their HomeKit is not working with iOS 16.2. On an iPad or iPhone running iOS 16.2, Apple says that users may not be able to accept an invitation or access a home within the Home app. In this case, it’s […]

Apple Music lyrics feature arrives in iOS 16.2

Apple Music

Apple Music users can now sing along to their favorite songs, karaoke-style when they download the latest iOS update. Apple Music Sing is now on several dozen playlists and arrives on tvOS 16.2, iPadOS 16.2, and iOS 16.2 The available playlists vary from family favorites to iconic duets and party anthems, as well as segregated […]