iOS 17 fifth public beta released

iOS 17 Fifth

Apple has launched its fifth and latest public betas for iOS 17, macOS Sonoma, watchOS 10, tvOS 17, and iPadOS 17. The upcoming operating systems will introduce a new set of features for better user experience. Individuals can download the public betas through the Apple Beta Software Program website. The public beta build number for […]

iOS 17 will allow Third-Party Cinematic Mode video editing

iOS 17

Third-party apps will soon have access to a feature that was previously reserved for the iMovie app. Cinematic Mode, once an exclusive iMovie app feature, will be arriving on third-party apps. It’s a tool that allows the videomaker to change a few elements post-shooting, such as changing the focus on the background or foreground. The […]

Cinematic API video editing released to developers

Cinematic API Video Editing

The upcoming iOS 17 will have a Cinematic API that allows third party apps to gain Cinematic mode video editing and playback. Apple announced the move during this year’s WWDC, saying that the Cinematic framework will allow developers to ‘add professional-level editing and playback features’ to their apps with the iPhone’s Cinematic mode. The Cupertino-based […]

TipKit framework offers quality of life features on iOS 17

iOS 17

Apple announced the TipKit framework during the WWDC event for developers. With TipKit, developers can put in ‘tips’ on their apps to highlight new features, show how to get things done faster, and discover hidden features, among others. These tips will show beside an interface element or a button on timely moments, with contextual information […]

iOS 17 will introduce Friends and Family iCloud Keychain Password sharing

iOS 17

Password management sharing will be easier once iOS 17 rolls out this fall. iOS 17 will introduce a new Family Passwords feature, which allows friends and family to share passkeys and passwords easily. In Settings, then Passwords, a group can be created for sharing passwords with. Through the setup process, the user can select trusted […]

iOS 17 will show warning for unsolicited nude photos

iOS 17

iOS 17 will be having a nudity-blocking feature for devices that receive unsolicited images. Apple’s upcoming software will automatically screen and block incoming files and messages that may have sensitive content. Contact Posters, AirDrop, and Messages will have blurring options via the Phone app and FaceTime. Adult iPhone users will see a ‘preview’ with the […]

iOS 17 developer beta released early

iOS 17

The developer beta version of the upcoming iOS 17 was seemingly released earlier than intended. During the WWDC 23 Apple announced that a public test will be launching in July. However, it seems that the company has made a mistake as the software is already out. On social media, screenshots of iOS 17 beta being […]

iPhone X and iPhone 8 won’t have iOS 17 support


Apple mentioned that the upcoming iOS 17 may not be installed on iPhone 8 and iPhone X devices. iOS 17 will require an iPhone XS model or newer, according to Apple during the WWDC 2023. The iPhone XS launched in 2018, which means that all devices released in the last five years will still be […]

iOS 17 May bring significant Siri changes


The latest rumor claims that the prompt to call Siri might change. The ‘Hey Siri’ command has been in use for the longest time. Calling up the voice assistant for iPad and iPhone users is normally done using the ‘Hey Siri’ command, but that might change with the introduction of iOS 17. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman […]

iOS 17 to introduce smart home display at the lock screen, according to rumor

iOS 17

Apple’s upcoming operating system for the iPhone may turn the Lock screen into a smart home display. Bloomberg recently reported that iOS 17 will have enhanced functionalities, specifically for devices with always-on displays. Rumors suggest that a smart home screen will surface once the iPhone is locked and in a horizontal position. This is similar […]

‘Personal Voice’ feature to arrive on iOS 17

Personal Voice

‘Personal Voice’ is an upcoming iOS 17 accessibility feature that creates a user-sounding voice. Apple will be launching ‘Personal Voice’ on the Mac, iPad, and iPhone, which allows users to create voices that sound like them to communicate with friends, family, and other people. The software creates a database by pushing out randomized text prompts […]

New iOS 17 Health and Wallet app redesigns appear as mockups online

iOS 17

Rumors of a redesigned Health and Wallet app have surfaced on the web, with a mockup of the design changes expected to arrive on iOS 17. The Health app will have the Favorites section undergo a card-style interface change, with each card having colored graphs and tables to show visual data and other information. The […]

iOS 17 might be the first to have a Journaling app

Journaling App

Reports have circulated that the upcoming iOS 17 will have a new journaling app. It’s believed that the journaling app will have robust integration with other iPhone features and apps. A Wall Street Journal report says that users could compile their daily activities for physical and mental health technology. Furthermore, Apple hopes that the app […]

New iOS 17 rumor reveals major updates to Find My and Wallet App

iOS 17

Rumors suggest that the upcoming iOS 17 will feature significant updates to the Find My and Wallet app. Mark Gurman of Bloomberg recently spoke to MacRumors and said that the two apps could see massive improvements. The Find My app will have a significant location-related push, while the Wallet will be having user-facing tweaks. This […]

Control Center might be making a comeback in iOS 17

iOS 17

A recent leak online claims that Apple’s Control Center may be reintroduced in iOS 17. Rumors speak of a redesigned Control Center in Apple’s next iPhone operating system. To those who are unaware, Control Center is a management system that allows for quick access to HomeKit, Focus Modes, System Settings, and Now Playing. The first […]

Apple closes iOS 17 developer beta loop

iOS 17

Apple recently said that it will stop non-enrollees of the Apple Developer Program from being able to download iOS 17 developer beta. Beginning with the beta version of iOS 16.4, the Cupertino-based company will only make its ‘Beta Updates’ menu appear if the user’s Apple ID is signed on both the iPhone and their respective […]

iOS 17 might have less new features because Of Apple’s AR/VR headset foray

iOS 17

Upcoming iPhone software iOS 17 may be less significant than expected due to Apple focusing its efforts on its AR/VR headset. Mark Gurman, a Bloomberg analyst mentioned that iOS 17, which is given the internal nickname ‘Dawn’, will have ‘fewer major changes than originally planned.’ He says that macOS 14, codenamed ‘Starburst’ will have the […]