Is the iPhone 15 Pro Overheating?

iPhone 15 Pro

The new Apple iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 series have been released with a lot of excitement, but it appears that not all users are happy with the new phones. Despite the improvements and new features, people who have the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 are using social media to express their frustration about […]

Bottom microphone on iPhone 15 Plus and iPhone 15 can now be done

iPhone 15

Several leaks have confirmed the fact that Apple can now conduct repairs on the iPhone 15 Plus and iPhone 15 bottom microphone components. The repair will focus solely on the microphone component, which will be different from the repairs done on the iPhone 15 Pro Max and Pro models. Apple Authorized Service Providers and Apple […]

iFixit reveals FineWoven iPhone 15 case components

FineWoven iPhone 15 Case

Popular website and YouTube channel iFixit uploaded a teardown content of the ‘FineWoven’ case for the iPhone 15. iFixit managed to get ahold of the newest alternative to leather cases made by Apple and deconstructed it for viewers. Upon closer inspection using a digital microscope at 52x and 490x, the case appeared to be made […]

iPhone 15 allows USB-C to ethernet connection for turbo-charged internet

iPhone 15 Allows USB-C

Apple recently confirmed a feature that allows its iPhone 15 to connect to the internet using USB-C to ethernet. Wired connections are typically faster due to lower lag and latency, but traditionally smartphones have no use for wired or ethernet setups until today. The iPhone 15 lineup can accept USB to ethernet adapters with a […]

Greg Joswiak and Tim Cook welcome iPhone 15 buyers in Fifth Avenue store

iPhone 15

Top Apple execs Tim Cook and Greg Joswiak opened the Fifth Avenue Apple store to welcome iPhone 15 customers. Shoppers have begun to gather at Apple Stores as the brand’s newest iPhone is set to launch alongside the Apple Watch Ultra 2 and Series 9, among others. In the flagship Fifth Avenue location, CNBC reports […]

New Zealand and Australia to get iPhone 15 first

iPhone 15

iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 devices will soon arrive to New Zealand and Australian customers. Pre-orders of the iPhone 15 will start being dropped off to customers in the two regions. The AirPods Pro with USB charging, Apple Watch Ultra 2, and Apple Watch Series 9 are expected to be shipped as well. There […]

iPhone 15 Pro Max only has 5x optical zoom

iPhone 15

An Apple executive recently revealed why the iPhone 15 Pro Max can only produce 5x optical zoom. Jon McCormack, camera software engineering VP went on an interview in Numerama and explained why the tetraprism lens only can go 5x compared to the S23 Ultra. In the interview, McCormack said that the iPhone 15’s telephoto lens […]

iPhone 15 introduces battery limit feature

iPhone 15

The new iPhone 15 lineup has a battery-saving feature that prevents overcharging. Charging Optimization has been added to the Optimized Battery Charging setting- now, users can limit the charging on their iPhones by up to 80% while connected to a charger. This delay is set until the device learns the user’s daily routine. It can […]

iPhone 15 Pro Max faces massive backorders

iPhone 15

Financial giant Goldman Sachs claimed that the demand for iPhone 15 Pro Max is greater than the current supply. In an investor’s note and based on Wedbush’s claims that the iPhone 15 lineup is more popular, sales-wise versus the iPhone 14, Goldman Sachs iterated that the demand for Apple’s newest smartphone is strong amid heightened […]

Chinese regulatory filing reveals improved battery capacity for iPhone 15

iPhone 15

A recent regulatory filing for the iPhone 15 Pro Max and iPhone 15 Pro reveals that the new smartphones will have greater battery capacities compared to their predecessors. Apple did say during its September event that the battery for the upcoming models have improved, but did not mention any specific details. Now, exact details for […]

Apple Online Store closes in preparation of iPhone 15


The official online Apple Store closed briefly to prepare for upcoming iPhone 15 pre-orders. Apple has taken down its online store presence with a banner of the company’s logo and the phrase ‘we can’t wait either.’ In the tradition of a major device pre-order, the online store will usually close the website and reopen at […]

2nd Generation AirPods Pro Can Receive Charging Directly From iPhone 15

AirPods Pro

Apple’s newly revealed AirPods Pro will have a USB-C charging case that can receive juice directly from an iPhone 15. Modern USB-C charging is now on the second-generation AirPods Pro. As with the refresh, the new iPhone 15 lineup features the same charging technology. Apple pointed out that iPhone 15 users can now charge their […]

Pro Vision to launch in 2024, as per Cook

Pro Vision

Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that its mixed reality headset is on track for an early 2024 release. The Wonderlust event mainly focused on the release of the new iPhone 15 models and Apple Watch, but in the preface Cook provided the crowd with short updates after all that’s happened in the June WWDC event. […]

China government ban affecting iPhone 15 sales ‘Overblown’

iPhone 15

An analytics firm is confident that iPhone 15 sales will not be affected by China’s iPhone ban in government offices. There has been news about China imposing an iPhone ban on its offices, citing security as its main concern. Following the restrictions, it’s predicted that the government will take things a step further and could […]

iPhone 15 Pro models to be lighter and thicker

iPhone 15 Pro

Uncovered data points to the fact that the upcoming iPhone Pro models will be slightly thicker and lighter compared to its iPhone 14 counterparts. A MacRumors report claims that the iPhone 15 non-Pro lineup will sport the same thickness, albeit slightly wider and longer. The newer phone is believed to be lighter by a single […]

Only iPhone 15 Pro Max to have price hike

iPhone 15

TrendForce, a research company, claims that Apple will up the price tag of the iPhone 15 Pro Max while keeping the rest the same. Analysts predict that the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Plus will have a stable pricing landscape and assume the same as last year’s figures. The exception will be […]

iPhone 15 might have Vision Pro ‘Spatial Photos’


Apple might be thinking of integrating the iPhone to take spatial videos and photos that integrate with the Vision Pro headset. According to a leaker on the social media platform Weibo, Apple will have an iPhone Ultra version that can handle spatial photographs and videos. The leaker further ventured that the model would ‘make the […]

iPhone 15 sales a chance for Apple to take top spot

iPhone 15

The upcoming launch of the iPhone 15 gives Apple a chance to take the number one spot in sales. Samsung has consistently held top place in smartphones sold per year. However, the status quo could possibly change this year and will depend on consumer’s reception to the upcoming iPhone lineup. Samsung is now focused on […]