Newly-Launched Counter-Strike 2 broken on Mac

Counter-Strike 2

Valve’s newly-released game Counter-Strike 2 has caused a major headache among Mac users since it’s not supported on the operating system. The game’s release forced all users to update their CS: GO even if CS 2 is not supported on their computers. macOS installation soon gave way to an update that made the game unplayable- […]

Baldur’s Gate 3 for Mac will be available a day later

Baldur’s Gate 3

Larian Studios’ critically acclaimed game Baldur’s Gate 3 will be available for the Mac platform on Friday. Baldur’s Gate 3 is expected to launch for Mac gamers on Thursday. However, a recent announcement from the developers revealed that the game will undergo a ‘big patch’ before becoming available for the macOS. Larian Studios tweeted that […]

New malware targets Intel Macs and business data

Intel Macs

A new form of malware has been making the rounds on the web and stealing business data from Intel-based Mac computers. Hackers are allegedly using a malware called ‘MetaStealer’ and having it pose as a legitimate app installer. Researchers explain how ‘MetaStealer’ works and its primary mode of action. SentinelOne’s Phil Stokes said attackers are […]

‘Baldur’s Gate 3’ gets a Mac release

Baldur’s Gate 3

Hit roleplaying game ‘Baldur’s Gate 3’ is set to arrive on the Mac platform. The PC version of Baldur’s Gate 3 launched in August and received positive reviews from players and critics alike. Developer Larian Studios promised to bring the game to more platforms, including the Xbox Series X and S at the end of […]

Microsoft to retire Visual Studio for Mac


Tech giant Microsoft will be slowly pulling support from Visual Studio for Mac IDE. The company recently announced that it will be retiring Visual Studio for Mac. Visual Studio version 17.6 will be supported for 12 months until August 31 next year. When the time comes, Microsoft suggests that users can install Visual Studio IDE […]

New Mac Game Porting Toolkit installer arrives on GitHub

Mac Game Porting Toolkit

A new installer has been introduced in GitHub to make installing Game Porting Toolkit easier. InstallAware recently launched an installation wizard for Game Porting Toolkit on GitHub. The program automates the process via InstallAware Multi Platform to add Game Porting Toolkit on a Mac. InstallAware’s chief reason for the wizard is to advertise the product, […]

M3-Powered Macs might arrive in October

M3-Powered Macs

The much-awaited M3 Mac models might be seeing the light of day in October. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman said that an October launch is possible for the new Mac models. This fall, Gurman mentioned that the M3 chip might be arriving on a new 13-inch MacBook Pro, the 13-inch MacBook Air, and the iMac. The launch […]

Turn Your iPhone 14 into a Continuity Camera with a $7 Off MagSafe Mount

Belkin iPhone MagSafe Camera Mount for MacBook

Your iPhone 14 can turn into a premium webcam for your Mac with the help of the Belkin iPhone MagSafe Continuity Camera Mount. Today, it’s down to just $23.33 from its original price of $30 on Amazon. Belkin’s iPhone mount is stylish, sturdy, and perfect for the Continuity feature introduced in the iPhone 14. Basically, […]

Spotify update for Mac reveals new changes to Now Playing and Library


Streaming music company Spotify has launched a new update for the Mac. The ‘Spotify Desktop’ experience is billed by Spotify as ‘one of its biggest revamps’ with the aim of making it the ‘best way’ to organize and explore music on a web browser or computer. The main area remains unchanged and is designated as […]

Mac hardware acceleration arrives on steam


Gaming platform Steam has rolled out a new update, and it features hardware acceleration for Mac and Linux hardware. Valve announced a refreshed version of Steam in April and has now released it after beta testing. The update features web browser improvements, notification tabs, a screenshot manager, in-game overlay pin panels, a cloud notepad, and […]

New Mac Pro bug auto-dismounts internal drives

Mac Pro

Apple recently revealed a bug that has been automatically dismounting internal SATA drives off the New Mac Pro. In a new support document, Apple said that certain internal SATA drive models might unexpectedly disconnect from the Mac Pro when the machine wakes from sleep. The bug might occur when the user sets the Mac to […]

New Mac Pro to have ‘Made in Thailand’ label

Mac Pro

A recent FCC filing reveals that the new Mac Pro will have a ‘Product of Thailand’ phrase alongside the usual ‘Designed by Apple in California’ The same filing shows an unexpected ‘Product of Thailand’ tag, which means that Apple has expanded its manufacturing of the Mac Pro, not the MacBook Pro, in the region. The […]

Mac Support Store in Brooklyn shutting down

Mac Support Store

The Mac Support Store in Brooklyn will be closing its shutters after years of being an Apple support store and reseller. The long-running shop opened in 2006 and is located on 7th Street in Brooklyn. When the store first opened it was an authorized repair center and an Apple reseller. In addition to the physical […]

Apple’s new game porting toolkit launches

Apple game porting toolkit

The Apple game porting toolkit has been released for developers who are interested in porting their Windows-exclusive games to the Mac. The new toolkit, announced during this year’s WWDC, allows users to run their games on an emulated environment to see if they would run natively and without modifications. The beta version is available to […]

Whoopi Goldberg pleads on social media to bring Diablo 4 to Mac

Diablo 4

Hollywood celebrity Whoopi Goldberg has expressed her dismay of Diablo 4’s lack of Mac support on social media. Diablo 4 is the newest iteration in the popular Diablo series. The game is available on the newer Xbox consoles, the PS4 and PS5, and Windows. At launch, there hasn’t been any support for macOS, which upset […]

Apple’s ‘Back to School’ Promo expected with new Mac launch


Apple is expected to launch its yearly ‘Back to School’ promotion after unveiling new Mac models. Mark Gurman of Bloomberg recently tweeted that the ‘Back to School’ promotion is likely to start on Tuesday after the new Macs are announced. The promotion may start in the US and Canada, followed by Asia and Europe. As […]

CrossOver to bring DirectX 12 support to Mac

CrossOver software

CodeWeavers announced that they will be bringing DirectX 12 to macOS machines via its CrossOver software. CrossOver allows ChromeOS, Linux, and macOS users to open Windows apps into their native state via a Windows API translation. As of the moment, CrossOver only supports DirectX 11, a technology exclusive to Windows machines. With the latest announcement, […]

‘No Man’s Sky’ game now on Mac

No Man’s Sky

Survival and exploration game ‘No Man’s Sky’ is now available via Steam. ‘No Man’s Sky’ is a popular game that allows players to explore countless space stations, planets, moons, and solar systems. They can build bases, engage in trade, complete missions, or just explore the procedurally generated universe. Those who already own the game on […]