Netflix games on smart TVs under limited beta test

Netflix Games on Smart TVs

Netflix games may be soon coming to smart TVs, as it’s currently under beta testing phase as announced by the company. Just last week a game controller for the app was revealed, which means that the streaming service is planning to introduce its games section into the smart TV platform. During that time, there were […]

N-Controller app for Netflix games launches on iOS

N-Controller App

Streaming service Netflix has launched a game controller app on iOS. Recent rumors claim that Netflix will be spreading its games on set top boxes such as the Apple TV and smart TVs when code for the controller app was discovered. Now it looks like the plan is coming to fruition with the N-Controller app. […]

Netflix may not be interested in a Vision Pro app


Mark Gurman of Bloomberg said that Netflix is not likely to develop a native app for the upcoming Vision Pro. In the latest ‘Power On’ newsletter, Gurman claimed that Netflix ‘has no current plans’ to create an app for the mixed reality headset. However, there will still be an app for Netflix as Apple says […]

Netflix subscriptions rise after ban on password sharing


Streaming giant Netflix’s password-sharing crackdown has produced favorable results as subscription numbers rise. Antenna reported that Netflix enjoyed a significant rise in user acquisition in the US after the company began warning shared accounts. The analytics company cited that Netflix had around 100,000 account sign-ups on May 26 and 27. Average daily sign-up has risen […]

Netflix introduces higher picture resolution in ‘Basic with Ads’ Plan


Streaming giant Netflix today has upgraded several features of its ‘basic with ads’ streaming plan. ‘Basic with Ads’ costs $6.99 a month and plays around five minutes of commercials per streaming hour. With the upgrade, the default resolution of 720p is scaled to 1080p. Also, subscribers can now stream up to two devices simultaneously- before […]

Apple agrees to 10-Year office lease in minsk square


Apple recently signed a monthly lease in an effort to expand offices in India. Previously, the Cupertino-based company had a 4,000 square feet lease in Bengaluru for its Design and Development Accelerator program. Apple has taken a new monthly lease to the tune of $300,000 but there’s no exact details on whether there’s an additional […]

Oscars mulling Netflix and Apple TV+ ban

Apple TV

The governing board at the Oscar has been thinking about implementing rules that force Netflix and Apple TV+ to release longer theater runs or face a ban in the Academy Awards. In the organization’s rules, a movie has to debut in theaters and stay for one week minimum to be considered for Best Picture. Currently, […]

Netflix games headed to Smart TVs

Netflix Games

Bloomberg recently reported that smart TVs may get support for Netflix games. Netflix games became available in 2021 and feature a small selection of curated games. A code seen in the app showed that the titles could arrive on TV sets, with the addition of an iPhone working as a controller. Currently, the only platform […]

Netflix’s lowest ad tier shows up on Apple TV


Streaming service Netflix has brought its ad-supported tier to the Apple TV. Netflix subscribers can now opt in to get the cheapest plan and watch movies and TV shows on their Apple TV devices. The option to get the ad-supported plan finally came to the set top box approximately four months after it launched. Netflix […]

Netflix broadens multiple household password sharing crackdown


Streaming service Netflix announced that it will start rolling out password sharing among multiple households ‘more broadly’ in Q1 2023. In a letter to shareholders, Netflix mentioned that account sharing slows down the company’s ability to improve and invest in its service. The streaming platform also said that the change will affect ‘members who share […]

Netflix iOS rolls out a new interface


Streaming service Netflix recently updated its user interface, including a parallax element that moves as users scroll through the menu. iOS users will now see a section that promotes a series or movie that’s available to watch on the platform. It moves via the iPhone accelerometer, creating a parallax effect. Filtering by category, search option, […]