You Can Now Watch Disney+ on Apple TV, iPad and iPhone


Disney’s streaming service is now available to download on the App Store.

You Can Now Watch Disney+ on Apple TV, iPad and iPhone

The subscription-based content was supposed to be launched 3am Eastern Time, but has made an early appearance on the Android and iOS platform. Disney+ is Disney’s answer to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and recently, Apple TV+ and costs $6.99 a month.

Interested individuals can check the Disney+ app now. Content will come mostly from National Geographic, Lucasfilm, Pixar, Marvel Studios, 21st Century Fox and Walt Disney Studios. It’s expected that there will be 7,500-plus shows and movies on the platform. It’s worthy to note that Disney+ can be purchased as a bundle with ESPN+ and Hulu for $12.99 per month.

The Disney+ app is available on Android smartphones and tablets, Amazon Fire TV, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Apple TV, iPad and iPhone. You can also watch on a web browser by typing the URL Currently, the service is open for those in the US, with an European release somewhere March of next year.

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