Verizon Credit Check: A Comprehensive Guide

If you’re considering switching to Verizon Wireless, the largest American network operator with approximately 143 million subscribers and nationwide coverage for 70% of the population, you may have questions about the Verizon Credit Check process.

In this article, we’ll provide you with all the information you need to know about Verizon’s credit check.

Verizon Credit Check: A Comprehensive Guide

What is the Verizon Credit Check in 2023?

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When you sign up for mobile phone or internet services with Verizon Mobile, the company performs a credit check. This credit check helps Verizon assess your ability to pay for the phone or plan you’ve chosen.

By conducting this check, Verizon determines how much they can charge you for a security deposit and evaluates if you can sustainably pay for their services. The credit check serves as a preventive measure for Verizon to minimize potential losses in case customers fail to pay their bills.

Understanding Hard Credit Checks

A hard credit check occurs when a credit lender, with your permission, obtains your credit report to assess your creditworthiness when you apply for new credit. This can include car loans, credit cards, home loans, or increases to your existing line of credit.

Multiple hard credit checks within a specific time frame, known as the Shopping Period (usually 14-45 days), can have a temporary impact on your credit scores. The impact is typically minor, resulting in a reduction of fewer than 5 points. However, multiple hard inquiries can lower your credit score by 10 points or more.

Performing a Hard Credit Check

Yes, Verizon includes a hard credit check as part of their credit evaluation process. When signing up for Verizon postpaid plans that require a monthly deposit, the company conducts a hard credit check. However, prepaid plans do not require a hard credit check. Verizon performs these checks because cell phone services can accumulate higher bills compared to landline services.

By conducting hard credit inquiries, Verizon evaluates your current debt, payment history, credit account limits, charged-off accounts, and overall financial stability. This evaluation helps them determine the risk associated with your account and calculate the required security deposit.

How Does the Verizon Credit Check Work?

It is a quick and convenient online process that only takes a few minutes to complete. It is important to provide accurate and complete information during the online process to ensure an efficient credit check.

In rare cases, additional documentation may be requested, which could extend the duration of the credit check. However, such instances are infrequent and usually occur when there are issues verifying your identity or problems with the information you submitted.

Check and Charges

Verizon does not charge any additional fees for running a credit check. You will only need to pay for the services you have selected. The credit check is a standard part of the application process for Verizon’s postpaid services and is used to assess your ability to pay for their services.

Approval with Bad Credit and Upgrades

Verizon does approve applications from individuals with bad credit in some cases. However, the deposit for services will be significantly higher for those with a low credit score compared to someone with a good credit score.

Approval for applicants with bad credit depends on their specific credit score. If the credit score is too low, Verizon may not qualify you for their services. However, individuals with credit scores above 600-650 will find it easier to obtain Verizon services, and those with scores exceeding 650-700 may not be required to pay a deposit.

For device upgrades, Verizon does not check your credit online. However, they perform an internal credit check before allowing you to upgrade your device. To increase your chances of approval, it’s important to maintain a positive account status by paying your bills on time and resolving any outstanding debts.

Internet Services

Verizon Fios, the internet and television service provider, performs a credit check when you opt for their services. If you have a bad credit score, Verizon may not approve you for internet and television services. In such cases, Verizon Fios offers prepaid Fios plans as an alternative.

These prepaid plans allow individuals with bad credit to access home phone, internet, and television services without a contract. Additionally, Verizon Fios prepaid plans do not require a credit check and provide flexible payment options, including credit or debit card payments and in-person payments at Verizon stores using a kiosk.


As the leading mobile network operator, Verizon offers a wide range of prepaid and postpaid phone plans. The Verizon Credit Check is conducted during the sign-up process to evaluate your credit history and assess your ability to pay for their services.

While a hard credit check is performed for postpaid plans, Verizon does approve individuals with bad credit up to a certain limit. In cases where bad credit is a concern, Verizon Fios prepaid plans offer a viable option. Additionally, Verizon performs an internal credit check for device upgrades, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a good account standing.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much can a hard credit inquiry impact your credit score?

A hard credit inquiry typically lowers your score by 5-10 points, but the effect is often minimal.

2. Does Verizon conduct hard credit checks?

Yes, Verizon performs hard credit checks for their postpaid plans.

3. What distinguishes a soft credit check from a hard one?

Unlike a hard check, a soft credit check doesn’t impact your scores and is not visible on credit reports.

4. What credit score is ideal for Verizon?

A credit score of approximately 600-650 is favorable for Verizon services. Higher scores may reduce deposit requirements, and scores above 650-700 might not require a deposit.

5. Which credit reporting agency does Verizon use?

Currently, Verizon utilizes Equifax for credit report evaluations.