Reddit is rolling out its annual end-of-year Recap experience to give users a way to reflect on the time they spent on the platform in 2022.

Your personalized Reddit Recap will show you a variety of stats, including a summary of the time you spent on Reddit, the content you most engaged with and the communities you viewed or joined.

This year, Reddit is giving users a shareable card that displays your experience on the platform.

Users can click on the Narwhal icon under their profile in the Reddit app or the navigation bar on desktop to see their personalized Recap.

Once you launch your Recap, you will see a series of shareable cards that include fun stats, such as your most upvoted comment and if you are team cat or dog.

At the end of your Recap experience, you will be rewarded with a Superpower Reddit Ability based on your earned Karma points.

The card will place you into one of three categories: Rare, Epic, or Legendary.

The card will also display your most recent avatar, the top three communities you visited, and assigns a generated persona based on the topics you were most interested in.

You can download and share your personalized card to see how you stack up against other users.

If you don't want your username or avatar on the card, you can choose to have the card say "Redditor" and display a generic avatar instead.

Overall, Reddit saw a 14% increase in the number of posts created, with over 430 million posts this year.

The platform also saw a 7% increase in comments with over 2.5 billion comments. The most-viewed community on Reddit this year was r/amitheasshole.

End-of-year recaps have become increasingly popular, with Spotify's annual Wrapped experience being a notable example.

In the past, Reddit's yearly recaps only included information about the platform as a whole.

However, since last year, Reddit has started giving users shareable data about their browsing habits.

Reddit's Recap experience comes a week after Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube rolled out their own end-of-year personalized experiences.