Twitter is reportedly preparing to relaunch its verification program as soon as tomorrow, though the release could be pushed to early next week.

The verification program is introducing three distinct checkmarks: Blue, Grey, and Gold. These checkmarks will be available to users who have been verified by the program.

A paid Twitter Blue subscription for a blue check, a grey check designated for government accounts and managed by Twitter, and a gold check for advertisers.

The relaunch comes after Twitter's previous attempt at a paid verification program was met with criticism and accusations of impersonation.

To avoid a similar situation this time around, Twitter is reportedly planning to temporarily remove an account's blue check for seven days if the display name is changed.

Existing blue checks that are not part of the paid subscription program will lose their verification 90 days after the relaunch of the program.

This change is likely to be controversial, as many users have come to rely on the blue checkmark as a way of verifying the authenticity of accounts.

Twitter has not commented on the rumored relaunch of its verification program, so it is unclear exactly what changes will be made.

However, the inclusion of a paid subscription option is likely to be met with resistance from some users who are opposed to the idea of paying for verification.