Buy the xFyro ARIA True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds for $99 (Sale)

We at iLounge have a great deal on the xFyro ARIA True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds, which allows you to experience your music like never before.

Want to get the absolute best when it comes to wireless acoustic earbuds? The xFyro ARIA earbuds can end your search for the perfect listening companion. It began life as an Indiegogo product and went on to become a smash hit among audio enthusiasts and investors alike with over $1.9M total funds raised.

Made by award-winning sound engineers, it touts Bluetooth 5.0, noise canceling sound seal and wireless technology that’s expected of a true wireless earphone device. A single charge lasts up to 8 hours with potential to squeeze out 24 hours using the charging case. Pairing is done automatically once the earbuds are lifted out the case for a hassle-free affair. Enjoy crystal clear sounds, crisp mid-highs and powerful bass tones via hands-free operation.

xFyro ARIA True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

xFyro ARIA True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds for iPhone

It normally costs $250, while we at iLounge are giving it away for just $99. You get a 60% discount with our special offer!

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